Crafty Saturdays

So this Saturday was one of my favorite ones, the ones where Malin and I go crafting with Jen and Tricks and Trick’s sister. So far it’s only been us five but I joined this secret crafting club a few months ago. I think there are a few more ladies who use to join them but the two times I’ve been there they have had other plans.

I spent the first Saturday trying to understand my new sewing machine, a Singer Curvy 8763. After a few hours I managed to create one of the shopping bags I posted a while ago. I had other plans for the day such as making some jeweleries and maybe sew something else. I brought most of my pearls, lots of fabric and a pair of pants I never finished. I barely touched any of those things. I underestimated how time consuming things actually are and time just passed by.
You might think I learned something for our next meeting and brought less unneeded items?
Well, I kind of did but there were still a bit too much crafting to do than what the time would allow me to. I managed to create one item, a very awesome and epic item, but I was, of course, hoping to be a bit more time efficient.

Since the super awesome item is a gift for a friend, I won’t post it here until she has received it. And I have a few more things to finish before the gift is complete. It’s going to be the best gift ever! Or at least one of the best.

I’ll keep you updated!