Storage Sunday – How to store punches

Hello and welcome to another Storage Sunday! Today I’m going to show you my solution for how to store paper punches. I can’t say my stash is very big but I still need to store them somehow. My current solution is quite simple but a bit messy; I keep them all in two plastic boxes. One with those I rarely use and one with those I tend to use more often. The ones I barely use are placed at the bottom shelf in my closet and the other box right in front of it, making it easier to access. I have a few big punches too and I usually keep them on the smaller box.


A closer look at my box of favorites, all mixed up! I’m glad they are in a few different colors, makes it easier to find the one I’m looking for.


I’ve seen so many smart and useful storage solutions for punches but I think I need more punches to get full use of it. I’ve considered putting up rails on the inside of the closet doors for the punches but I feel I use them so seldom that it’s just not worth giving up that space for them. When I get my own craft room I might think different and also have more possibilities and space!

I might just start with something similar to what Jennie shared last week before I get those rails, we will see what this develops into. I’m happy the way it is at the moment!

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Baby album

I made an album for my niece and her parents to put pictures in. It was supposed to be a christening/name giving gift but they got it a bit earlier since I didn’t want them to forget to take pictures and write down memories each month. It’s my first big album, with 20 12×12 pages. I mostly used the collection Let’s polka, mon amie by Lawnfawn and some other pieces that matched the colors in the collection.

Page 1 – Alicia

Page 2 – Mom and dad


Page 3 – Waiting for you


Page 4 – Your faces


Page 5 – Peekaboo


Page 6 – The prettiest girl


Page 7 – Look! I can make this on my own


Page 8 – 1 month


Page 9 – 2 months


Page 10 – 3 months


Page 11 – 4 months


Page 12 – 5 months


Page 13 – 6 months


Page 14 – 7 months


Page 15 – 8 months


Page 16 – 9 months


Page 17 – The first Christmas


Page 18 – 10 months


Page 19 – 11 months


Page 20 – 1 year


Storage Sunday: How to store stencils

Hello and welcome to another delayed Storage Sunday, I really need to get myself together and prepare posts way earlier! I got back from my vacation and managed to work for two days before I got struck by intense back pain, I’ve been lying in bed for three days and yesterday I managed to go outside to go to the doctor’s office. Now I have some painkillers and can move around without panicking or crying, which is really a great relief. I’m sure it will be better in a few days, yay!

So, I hope you didn’t miss out on Jennie’s great organizing solution for her stencils? I think I have to make a similar solution for myself soon, the amount of stencils is slowly growing and I just can’t resist a pretty stencil when I see one.. hehe.
My way of storing them right now is similar to Jennies previous solution; I keep them in their folders in a pocket in a hanging thing on the inside of my right closet door. It’s working OK to find the stencil I look for (I keep my favorites in front) and I can easily browse to see what I have but that swatch book idea is pretty awesome!

Here’s what it looks like, a bit messy and blurry (thanks back pain) but it works fine. I do love that the paper folders that Memory Box uses with the text at the top, looks great and makes it easy for me to find them!


At one point I kept my stencils hanging on an S-hook (most of them have holes for this) which also worked pretty well. I think I have to finish organizing my closet and give this storage solution another thought, and of course, make my own stencil swatch book!

So that’s my current solution for how to store stencils, I’m sure there are plenty of other and better ways, please let me know if you have any awesome ideas! Stay safe and come back soon for more storage and organizing ideas!

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Mini album gift

My youngest brother recently moved out of my mom’s place so I thought I’d give him a housewarming gift, similar to the one I got for a cousin a few years ago. She still talks about that gift so I figured it’s not a bad one! I made a mini album from a 12×12 paper following this guide, the album is really very small and super cute and of course, very easy to make! I wrote very small notes and instructions for cleaning, added some space for personal notes and put it in a bucket of cleaning things. I’m not sure how happy he was for the gift but one day I’m sure he will appreciate it ;)

wpid-20150628_113609-01.jpeg wpid-20150628_113531-01.jpeg wpid-20150628_113647-01.jpeg wpid-20150628_113556-01.jpeg

Storage Sunday – How to store scrapbooking projects

Hello and welcome to another Storage Sunday! The summer arrived in Sweden along with July, can you believe it’s less than half of the year left? Crazy, and so is this heat. I went to IKEA with a friend today, not very nice getting into a car that has been parked in the sun for a few hours. Phew!

Anyway! I thought I’d continue with the same theme as Jennie chose last week; how to store scrapbooking projects or my way of doing so! I don’t really work with huge projects such as albums and such, I usually make cards which I finish of the same day I start them or maybe the day after. I rarely make more than one card at the time so my need for project storage is very small. However, I hope to make more albums and bigger projects in the future! When I was working on the album for my niece I did store the project related items separated from the rest of my stash so I will share this with you today. I think I might store future projects in a similar way.

For the album I kept all paper and other related things in this 12×12 box, there are still lots of pink paper in it, I haven’t really put it back in my stash yet. I also kept all embellies in a separate box I now use for stickers, bling and enamel dots. I found it easier to find things if paper and embellies were separated.
For the Becky Higgins weekend I ordered prints of a bunch of photos and now I keep them in a 6×6 box for future projects and layouts I want to make.


Other things related to projects or albums are memorabilia which I’ve been collecting for a few years in this archive folder. I have tickets to concerts, maps from citites I’ve vistited and other travel documents.


I think I have been saving travel tickets since I was a kid. I know my mom framed the ticket from my first flight alone, I don’t remember how old I was but I was a kid and I guess I’ve just kept going ever since. I’ve also kept cinema tickets and old bus tickets somewhere, I’m such a hoarder (or memory keeper). I’ve never been one for writing diaries but whenever I travel, I write something every day! Somewhere I still have old notebooks with travel diaries, I wonder where…

Anyway, this was a quite short post but I feel I don’t have much to share related to this kind of storage. I might have to adjust this as soon as I get my albums going but until then, one project box is just enough!

Stay safe and solid in this summer heat, drink a lot and enjoy the shadow!

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Anna 55

Another aunt of mine celebrated her birthday this year, she turned 55! I made this card for her after spending some time on pinterest looking for inspiration!


Storage Sunday – How to store embellishments

Good evening! It’s finally time for another storage Sunday! It feels like it’s been forever since I wrote a storage post for you so I’m super excited and a bit scared due to the huge theme; embellishments. I opened my closet and tried to figure out how I store my embellies and I realized they are everywhere and what I have most of. This will be a long post! Get your snacks ready and make yourself comfortable. Here we go!

So, embellishments, what is this? What should I cover? I guess it’s buttons, ribbons, enamel dots, rhinestones, brads, decorative flowers, wood vener, stickers and more. Decorations more or less! Ghee, that sure is a huge theme! Anyway, back to topic; Most of my embellies are stored in this drawer unit from a hardware department at a store similar to Target. I have labels on them and they are also slightly transparent. I usually have baskets standing in front of the drawers, the lower ones contain things I rarely use. These drawers contain flat paper flowers, metallic items, cutouts, 3D stickers, floss, some wood veneer, tiny doilies and other random things.


On top of the unit I keep some random stuff and boxes with brads. Some brads are also stored in the unit itself. These boxes were also found at the hardware department and at craft stores. I keep them sorted by color and size, the brads in the drawer unit are in various shapes or patterned.


I recently purchased a bit more enamel dots than I think I’ll ever use, but they were on sale and oh so pretty! So I had to rethink my storage for slightly taller sheets of decorations such as these enamel dots, bling swirls and my beloved glitter stickers (and similar). So I found out that this basket was the right size and they are pretty easy to browse through. I usually have this one standing in front of the drawer unit.


My other sheets with pearl stickers, rhinestones and smaller sheets of enamel dots are stored in this 6×6 box I purchased a few weeks ago. It’s a bit messy but I try to keep the sheets in their plastics (I haven’t always done this so some are kept without it) to avoid the stickers sticking on to other sheets. I’m quite careful when I browse and I know most of the sheets I have so when I need something I usually know where to look or how big the sheet is. Some manufacturers use smaller sheets and I keep all of these in a drawer in the unit mentioned earlier.


I love wood veneer, maybe most for keeping in my stash rather than use so my collection is relatively big. I found this box on a sale (I have a few more to store beads in, love them!) and it’s perfect for my veneer. Actually I think it is the very same box Jennie use for her veneer! Great minds think alike so this must therefor be the ultimate storage solution for wood veneer, right? RIGHT?


I have a small stash of buttons kept in a small plastic box. These are my pretty buttons (the not so pretty ones are somewhere else, can’t remember where).


I also keep some random sheets of stickers, chipboard and more stickers on a hook on one of my doors. I do this in hope of using them more frequently, it is not working very well to be honest but I try to think more like Jennie does: “Out of sight, out of mind”.


I keep decorative paper flowers (the less flat kind) and ribbons in transparent plastic boxes (from smart store, the same boxes Jennie mentioned last week). They are not sorted what-so-ever in these boxes so there is always an adventure trying to find the right color or type. Typically something I should improve.

wpid-20150621_174622-01.jpeg wpid-20150621_174837-01.jpeg

To sum things up, I mostly keep my embellies sorted somehow in different transparent boxes or drawers. All of them are easy to reach from my work space which is pretty important as I tend to take much time figuring out which ones to use. I know most of the things I own and that makes it a bit easier when looking for something, I don’t find myself searching for one specific embellishment very often. I also do believe I have a lot of room for improvement regarding some of the things but this works well for me and my limited space for now.

If you happen to have a great solution for how to store embellishments or some of them, please let me know! I would love to get some inspiration for how I can improve my messy crafting closet!

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