Storage Sunday: How to store alphabet stickers

Welcome Sunday! I think most people strongly dislikes Sundays due to the following Monday, can’t say I’m a fan to be honest, except for these fantastic storage series! It’s been a windy day here in Stockholm and I’ve spent most of the day in my crafting closet working on a special gift which still is sort of a secret! Anyway, I’ve been busy busy but I thought I’d share how I store my alphabet stickers. I have been using them very frequent lately, this is not something I usually do so I’m happy to see my stash shrink (and grow, I realized I needed more white thickers and yeah, I think you can figure out the rest!).
So, back to the topic! I keep my alphabets in two pockets on my hanging door thing from IKEA. One of them is full of foam stickers from Panduro which come in like 6 sheets, sort of like a pad. This is actually great, lots of characters for not so much money, they are not very big of course, each letter is about 1 cm (a little less than 1/2 inch) tall. I have one of each color they’ve sold (pink/purple, brown, white, black, glittery red/gold/white) and the only bad thing is that they take up quite some space and sometimes I want bigger letters.

In the pocket below I keep the rest of my alphabet stickers, unfortunately these pockets can’t store 12 inch paper and the few I own are kept elsewhere (I don’t know exactly where to be honest, I’ve completely forgotten about them). It looks quite messy but it is easy to browse between the sheets (at least for now). I keep most of my thickers in a plastic folder among all the other sheets and this is because the harder ones, like chipboard and such, often fall of the sheet when moved around (why, oh why, did I throw away all the plastic folders they came in?).


Sometimes I pull some sheets up a bit to make them more visible, usually the colors I’m currently working with or some sheets I’ve forgotten about or want to get rid of. I have a few I’m not sure why I even got in the first place. Typically something from a crafting club kit (but the cheaper kind and not as fancy as the manufacturers kits). I’m so glad I quit, my stash will never run out of cheap crap from that club.


I sort of try to keep the sheets in a size order, the smaller sheets in the front and taller ones in the back. This way no small sheets will disappear in the mess! I used to keep all the sheets in a plastic cover with folders/pockets inside and stored by color but I got frustrated while browsing so I’m very happy for this “new” way.
So that’s one solution for how to store alphabet stickers, don’t forget to check in again next week for another awesome episode of our storage Sundays! There will be a specific theme for the next two weeks!

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Easter crafting with kids, or just one

This weekend I invited my almost 6 year old cousin to come crafting with me and he was so excited! When it was time to go home his mother asked him if he has had enough of crafting for a while now but he said no, he wanted to keep crafting!
I was very impressed by his creativity and focus. I think he made about ten figures and one card!

I have a special basket for all the crafting material I let him use or purchase especially for him, things that are suited for kids, mostly complete kits. I must say that Panduro is very good at this! I found a few Easter kits on sale at both Panduro and Slöjd-detaljer so I got away pretty cheap this year!


This was all that fit in the basket before we started crafting. I don’t usually keep the pens, pencils or brushes in the basket.
I also use a wax table cloth to protect my oiled oak table from any spilled paint or glue.


Leon in the middle of gluing punched stars on his card. In the front you can see most of the figures he made all by himself, I just helped holding them while drying.


For the next time I think I will buy more wadding eggs and other shapes, some googly eyes and wood buttons. These are the supplies he use the most and seem to have most fun with (except for my punches). I already have enough pipe cleaners, feathers and sequins to last a lifetime in case he want to decorate a bit extra.

Next time I feel like clearing out unused stuff from my stash (that would actually be the first time ever) I will simply add it to the magic kids crafting basket. I realized that he does not, whatsoever, see my things the same way I do. He said “you have sooooo much crafting stuff!” and yet he’s just seen a teeny tiny part of it all, *snickers*.

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Storage Sunday: How to store spray color, mists and distress stains

Hello again and welcome to another Storage Sunday! Today I spent some time crafting with my cousin who will turn 6 in less than a month. He was so happy to get here and to craft all day, you should have seen his smile when I met him by the door. He almost jumped up the stairs to my apartment! He made several Easter figures and a card for his mother. I took out my leaf punches and he just went crazy punching out leaves for his tree card. I think I will have to buy some thinner paper for him to use next time, it was a bit hard to cut through the paper pad I found.

Anyway, it’s getting quite late since I fell asleep on the couch crocheting and watching Family Guy on Netflix earlier. I thought I’d show you a way for storing mists, sprays and Distress Stains. My collection is quite small so I hope this will be a quickie!

I keep all colors stored in spray bottles on a hanging shelf/basket. This is a mix of Dylusions, shimmer mists and chalks. As you can see most of them have similar bottles which makes it a bit tricky to find the right color. I have an idea that might help this and that would be to color a strip or smaller circle and adhere it to the lid, similar to what I did with my distress stains. I’ve thought about doing this for quite some time now but it seems to be hard to get me started, maybe searching for the right bottle isn’t such a big problem after all, although I think it will be a bigger problem the bigger my stash gets and at that point I will have to move them from the basket too.


I only have a few distress stains but I saw the problem with finding the right color easy early which resulted in colored circles on each lid. I have moved them around a bit and kept them in different baskets before they ended up here on the shelf by the ink pads and glue. I think I had more use of the colored lids in the previous storage solutions.


A while ago, when my collection of spray colors, mists and distress stains were smaller I used them all on a piece of paper in order to get some sort of overview of the colors and nuances I had. This is actually a great idea since the lables aren’t always showing the same nuance or intensity as the real result. I thought about this a few weeks ago and started spraying on some paper. It looks like a mess and I think I will have to figure out a way to control it better, mostly the sprays. Maybe use some masks and just spray a small figure. That’s not a bad idea, I will try this as soon as I get some time and give you an update! Another idea I think would be to spray tags or similar, maybe that’s even better!

Anyway, it’s way past bedtime and I’m still tired so let me know if you have any great ideas to share on how to store spray color, mists and distress stains! I’m very curious about what awesome storage solutions Jennie will share with you next week.

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Storage Sunday: How to store and organize stickles

Heya peeps! It’s time for another Storage Sunday and it’s been a wonderful, sunny day here in Stockholm! I I just got home after going to the theater with a friend visiting for the weekend so this will be a quickie!

I thought I’d share how I store and organize my humble collection of Stickles. I think I will have to expand the storage pretty soon if I buy some more of them. I have an idea of how to improve it too but I’ll tell you more about that later, first thing first, here’s my current storage:

I keep them sorted by color in a hanging basket from IKEA named Bygel but I don’t keep it hanging at the moment. It actually slides very well on my workspace, the only bad thing is that it’s full, hehe. I slide it out when I need to find a color, I use the white/clear ones mostly so it’s quite convenient even when it’s put back.

I also keep a sample of all colors on small tags to easily find the right one, they are kept on a ring that hangs above the basket.
Sometimes I just browse through the glittery rainbow and smile, it’s oh so pretty!

Before I got the idea to use tags I put all colors on paper and taped them on the inside of one of my closet doors. It wasn’t easy to add new colors and keep the color range so I had to change it, I still keep the old paper on the door, it makes me happy!

I really like the tag system to get an overview but I think I can improve the storage easily. I was browsing make up storage on eBay and found acrylic lipstick holders which I think would be perfect for Stickles and maybe even my Promarkers. I really need to find a new way to store and organize them!

So, that’s my contribution for how to store and organize stickles, I’m sure there are several other nifty solutions out there, can’t wait to see what Jennie has to share next week!


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Storage Sunday: How to store paper

Good morning Sunday and welcome March! I just can’t believe its March already, get ready for the birthday madness and spring! It’s time for this week’s storage post and today I’m going to show you some ideas for how to store paper. I hope you didn’t miss Jennies super convenient storage solution for her Big Shot and dies? Her craft space is so beautiful and amazing, I’m in awe!

Since my craft space is quite small (most of it fits in a double closet from IKEA) some things are a bit spread out, like my paper. I have some at the bottom shelf, some in a drawer, another shelf and even in a paper binder on a third shelf (this is paper I never remember to use!). The paper I use most of the time is easy to reach and I think that is important when crafting.
I’ve never made a 12×12 layout but as you might remember, I just can’t stop stashing up on 12×12 paper! One of my therapeutic habits related to crafting is cutting 12×12 into 6×6 paper, so satisfying in a weird way. I love my guillotine cutter! Anyway, this means I mostly have 6×6 paper and a stash of 12×12 that are waiting to be “handled”. The 6×6’s are stored in a drawer under my workspace shelf, easy to access and browse!
I keep them in IKEA’s kassett boxes, they are perfect for this! Maybe a bit too low so the lid won’t fit but the width is great! I hope they haven’t changed the size of them, my boxes are quite old.


The paper I’ve cut are sorted in color to make it easier (I usually look for colors), although it would be nice to keep the brand somehow because it’s so easy to forget! I think I know most of them or can google it but it’s not very convenient. But on the other hand, I don’t need to know who made the paper in order to be creative it’s just good to know when letting other people know who made what etc.
The dividers aren’t very pretty and they are one of my “temporary permanent” solutions, I wanted to try it out to see how it worked and a few years later they are still there. Maybe I should put it on my to do list to make pretty dividers.


Here’s my growing stash of 12×12 to cut, and next to them are my paper cutters and the Christmas box (and one box I don’t dare to open, I’m sure it’s full of forgotten crap). One day I will cut them all and leave nothing behind! The only problem with that is where I’m going to store all the paper, it’s pretty full in my drawer boxes.


I actually have some more 12×12 paper (whaaat?!) and basic cardstock at the bottom shelf. This is like the drawer or box you have somewhere where you put all the things you don’t really know what to do with but you also think that you might need it one day or the things that are too sentimental to throw away. I have a few of those every here and there, this is (one of) mine (I use the other half of my drawer with 6×6 for this too and the scary box in the picture above to mention a few). But in this dark, damp (it’s not really damp, that would ruin the paper!) space in my closet I also keep the gems (I feel like Gollum, my precious)! Some 12×12 are too pretty and some will be useless if cut them. One day I might start making 12×12 albums and then I’ll get to use them! (he he, dream on) Or maybe I’ll just make a picture of them.. We’ll see! I also have some crappy paper from a club I joined a few years ago (they folded 12×12 to fit the box that was made to store A4-sized paper! Who does that?! Barbarians!). This is also paper I never use, I guess I could get rid of most of it. I should open all the folders and decide what to make of it, I think there are lots of beginner’s mistakes hiding inside, scary!


So this is my current paper storage, no way near perfect but it works in my small space. I think the 6×6 boxes are the best part and they could live on forever, I just need to buy more boxes and make sure the drawer doesn’t break due to the heavy content, hehe. I’m not really sure how to improve the lesser good ways but I guess it’s not a big deal either, when it starts to bother me I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Maybe Jennie will give me some ideas next week when she shares her paper storage solutions. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss that!

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Experimenting in the closet

I had some time to spend in my closet last weekend and I decided to open my jar of gesso and try it out. I used it on plain white cardstock with some of my Memorybox stencils. It got a bit sloppy and quite messy but the result was very nice! I wasn’t sure about what to expect or how to use it when I started this experiment but figured things out along the way. I believe there are a lot of cool ways to use gesso with colors and other things for me to discover, mixed media seems to be a world of it’s own!
When the gesso was more or less dry I used some dylusions to see what would happen and later on I also found some acrylic paint to continue with. I colored the gesso parts of the paper and stamped some flowers on another sheet and colored them with the acrylic paint plus some water. We can summarize this weekend with the words a colorful mess, but it sure was fun!

Using gesso and some sprays and mists I managed to create one birthday card following Crafty creations challenge #283: White plus one, I chose turquoise (or is it more like teal maybe?)
I added some glitter and sequins and one of my sentiment dies. On the background I used my Memory Box Modern Chic Chevron stencil with gesso a bit in the middle leaving most of the card plain.


There was this other challenge I found interesting: Ciliinpapers monthly challenge: Make a card or project life card without patterned paper. It fitted perfectly for my experiments! Using gesso (again), my new Technique Tuesday die and some stickers from Sn@p! Stickers – Icons I made this PL sized card. I used gesso with my Memory box stencil Texture Dots over the background but it’s hard to see on the image. It really looks awesome!


This might not be the best PL card I’ll ever make but it was a fun experiment! I used gesso, quite sloppy to be honest, and some dylusion spray for the color. It was a good example to see how different the color looks on plain cardstock vs. gesso on cardstock. Since the stars got so messy I decided to mark the edges with a fine liner. I put some alphabet stickers on too. I cut the card using my Technique Tuesday die. The stencil I used was Memory Box Stars Star show.


Storage Sunday: How to store and organize dies

Hello and welcome to our new storage series! Me and Jennie will share our storage solutions every Sunday, we like to call it Storage Sundays! This first episode is all about dies and how we store them, today I, Therese, will be sharing my ideas about my current situation and how I want to improve it later on. Next week Jennie will share her!

My collection of dies is quite small but just recently I got a craving for sentiment dies so I feel my way of storage is going to need a change in the not so far away future, but until then this will do just fine!

In my amazing wardrobe I keep most of my framelits on the left door, some smaller are placed onto some magnetic tape, an idea I wanted to test out but haven’t really put in use yet. The larger dies, mostly the nested ones, are hanging on hooks, this was my first idea of storage. It gives a good overview and it’s easy to access and find the die I want. I could probably use a few more hooks but I’m going to leave it as it is until I’ve figured out a new way to store them.
I also have two thinner dies but not framelits, quite long so I just keep them in one of the pockets on a hanging storage thing I got from IKEA.

wpid-20150215_151039_1.jpg wpid-20150215_151119.jpg

All my other small to medium sized dies are kept in their envelopes inside another envelope. Most of them are from MemoryBox and their dies come with nice envelopes with a picture on the front page. That makes it so easy to find the die I’m looking for.


I also have a couple of original dies and since they all have labels I just keep them standing on the side on my workspace.


I keep a paper copy of all my dies in another envelope to avoid cutting out dies I won’t use. Not sure it actually helps but it is very useful when I have to figure out which size to use from all the nested dies. These I also keep on a ring to make it easy taking off and putting back. I have an idea to make an album of all the cutouts to browse to see what I have but I also want to be able to use them to place on my project to see what it would look like using that specific die.

wpid-20150215_151058_1.jpg wpid-20150215_151418.jpg

So this is how I store and organize my dies at the moment. I will make improvements in the near future, just have to figure things out. I haven’t actually searched for other solutions yet but I’m sure there are lots to find that will inspire me to find the best solution for me. I’m still kind of thinking about making that album with all my cutouts. I found the perfect album for that sort of catalog work but I’m still hesitating since it feels like there is a better way.
I’m eager to see what Jennie  has to share next Sunday, you don’t want to miss that!

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