Storage Sunday – How to store adhesives

Oh it’s been a while! I think both me and Jennie have been busy and caught up in our personal lives but now we’re back! Today I’m going to share how to store adhesives in a somewhat messy way, just like I use to, hehe.

I’ve had this way of storing adhesive since I started I think and I still like it, it works fine for me! I more or less keep it all in a plastic box which I keep close to my crafting area for quick and easy access.

The box is quite messy but I keep sheeds of foam squares on one short side and a bag of glue dot sheets along one of the longer sides, the rest of the space is a mixture of tape, more foam squares (smaller sheets) and tape runners.


I keep some glue on the shelf above the crafting area because I want to keep them in a standing position and accessible.


I also have a box of refills and some other stuff I haven’t found a good spot for yet. I do love my foam tape as you can see! This box is places abit above my craft space as I don’t need to access it that often. I might move it even further away if I find some space for it, hehe.


So that’s how I store my adhesives, let me know if you have any awesome ideas for storing these items! One can always make improvements!

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How to store and organize photos

Good late evening and welcome back!

Today I’m going to share how I store and organize (or the lack of organization) my photos. Since I don’t work much with projects including photos I thought I’d add my, aehm, “storage” for stamped images too. I do have a few more of those to be honest.

Anyway. The pictures I have printed so far, all fit inside a 6×6 storage box. I have one for my self adhesive bling too (I should really put a label on them to keep them apart). At the moment this box is on a shelf on my workspace, easy to access since I plan to make more albums/photo layouts/project life.. at some point.


This is probably the worst possible way of storing photos, in a total mess: I used to stack them in nice piles but I think a scrapbooking crop happened and ruined it.. Oh well, I don’t move it around much so I think they should be OK for another day or year.

In a drawer below my workspace I have another mess; my stamped images. I usually stamp a few of each on a sheet of letraset paper and color one or two, sometimes I do one for testing and finding colors. I cut out and use the best one on my project and sometimes I just sit down and color stuff for the fun of it. I actually have a coloring book now so I think this will happen less often now. I try to organize the sheets somehow by size and when I need something I just browse. Once in a while I actually remember using one stamp and find it in my black hole, aka the mess which is great, sometimes I don’t and just stamp a few more. I should really just use these up or at least color some. Maybe cut them out too and keep in a smaller box on the desk instead.. hmm..

A very short post but I don’t have much to contribute with in this so far. I should sit down and organize my stamps better, maybe in a binder with plastic folders and sort by designer or theme. That’s not a very bad idea to be honest. I’ll keep that in mind for the next time I’m bored or in need of some therapy.

If you have any other ideas for how to store and organize photos (or stamped images), feel free to share them with us! I’m sure I will do some improvements here, maybe soon! I will let you know, fo shoo!

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Storage Sunday – how to store pens, pencils and markers revisited

So, a bit late (again!) with this Storage Sunday post but I have a lot going on at the moment and my ability to plan things ahead seems to have taken a long vacation. Anyway, this will be a shorty!

I recently changed my storage solution for my promarkers, an idea I have had for a while now but never really managed to make reality of. I had some ideas and possible solutions but I ended up doing it a bit different, and I think it was for the better anyway!

So after my reorganization (which I still haven’t acutally worked with or finished completely) I still keep some of my pens, pencils and markers in the hanging buckets from IKEA. Easy access! Nothing new here really except the closer placement of the second bucket, it used to be placed in the corner further back where the white box is now. Same organized mess!


The main change I wanted to show you is this one. I used to keep all my pro- and flexmarkers in an old shoe box with some dividers to keep the colors separated. I bought a MOPPE mini drawer from IKEA a while ago thinking it would be perfect for storing my markers, I just needed to figure out a way to store them slightly tilted to avoid them falling out all the time. I found a round stick of wood, about 6 mm in diameter and thought that I would drill a hole in the sides of the drawer and make some sort of support for the markers to rest on. A problem I found when removing the drawers was that the shelf divider did not go all the way to the back and instead left a gap where the markers would fall down. Luckily I had some old plastic sheets, quite thick (probably from another hack I made for the TOLSBY frames) that I put under the support bar, all the way to the back side. If you look very close you might be able to see them.

The wooden stick was cut very exact, slightly longer than the distance between the sides. They are quite stuck due to the force needed to get them in place. Works like a charm! Otherwise I might have used some glue or something. I wanted to leave as few marks and changes on the drawer as possible in case I found another, even better, storage solution in the future!


I also found a new basket for my stickles, I think they actually fit now! I moved them a bit too and put them close to the sprays as you can see. It works for now and they are very easy to access! Plus the rainbow look makes me happy.


So that’s what I wanted to share today. I hope to be able to get some crafting done before next time so I can get a better feeling of my reorganized closet. I also need to create something I think.. or sort some sequins by color.

Stay safe and let me now if you have any other ideas for how to store pens, pencils and markers!

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Storage Sunday – How to store rubber stamps

Happy Sunday and welcome to another Storage Sunday!

Today I’ve been busy, busy spending some time with my family and running errands. I’m having a belated birthday party next weekend for my family so there are lots of things to prepare! And a lot of cleaning too..

Anyway, I thought I’d share how I store my rubber stamps, the foam mounted ones that is! Since most of them don’t come with plastic sheet covers (like clear stamps do) I had to find a good storage solution quite early in my scrapbooking era. I thought of using CD cases after doing some research online. Unfortunately I had thrown a huge pile of cases in the trashes a couple of months before I realized I needed them (this is why I hate throwing things) but luckily some shops still carry them. I’ve put labels on almost all cases and they are mostly sorted by brand followed by a number. I keep some stamps sorted by category such as sentiments and Christmas related ones, it helps me find my stamps easier!

As the pile of stamps grow larger I recently decided to move them down a bit to the drawer I keep in my closet. I think this reorganization is good as I don’t use these stamps that often and rather put other things on that valuable desk space they used to occupy. The labels make it very easy to find and the drawer actually helps too, now I don’t have to dig them out from behind something else!


One bad thing about this storage solution is the amount of space it requires. Very few of my stamps are perfectly square and in a size fit for a CD case, preferably with a few other stamps too to avoid wasting space. This gives me a lot of dead space in an already crammed closet, but I don’t think there are any better storage solutions around, maybe using plastic pockets in a binder but the stamps make them so heavy and the foam usually gets less adhesive after a few years. Since I try to keep my cases sorted by brand, combining stamps is a bit tricky if I don’t have that many from the same brand. Some cases are very full and some are quite empty. I guess it might change in the future when I most likely have even more stamps to store! It’s not really a big issue, if they stop selling CD cases though, that would be devastating! Or maybe just creative since I need to look for other solutions instead. I think there are some brands out there selling CD or DVD cases slightly adjusted for storing stamps. They might be easier to get hold of in the UK or US.

Anwyay, I’m glad you stopped by to read about my suggestion for how to store rubber stamps. I will let you know how I keep them all organized too in a future post! Stay safe and do let me know if you have any ideas for improvement!

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Storage Sunday – How to store punches

Hello and welcome to another Storage Sunday! Today I’m going to show you my solution for how to store paper punches. I can’t say my stash is very big but I still need to store them somehow. My current solution is quite simple but a bit messy; I keep them all in two plastic boxes. One with those I rarely use and one with those I tend to use more often. The ones I barely use are placed at the bottom shelf in my closet and the other box right in front of it, making it easier to access. I have a few big punches too and I usually keep them on the smaller box.


A closer look at my box of favorites, all mixed up! I’m glad they are in a few different colors, makes it easier to find the one I’m looking for.


I’ve seen so many smart and useful storage solutions for punches but I think I need more punches to get full use of it. I’ve considered putting up rails on the inside of the closet doors for the punches but I feel I use them so seldom that it’s just not worth giving up that space for them. When I get my own craft room I might think different and also have more possibilities and space!

I might just start with something similar to what Jennie shared last week before I get those rails, we will see what this develops into. I’m happy the way it is at the moment!

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Baby album

I made an album for my niece and her parents to put pictures in. It was supposed to be a christening/name giving gift but they got it a bit earlier since I didn’t want them to forget to take pictures and write down memories each month. It’s my first big album, with 20 12×12 pages. I mostly used the collection Let’s polka, mon amie by Lawnfawn and some other pieces that matched the colors in the collection.

Page 1 – Alicia

Page 2 – Mom and dad


Page 3 – Waiting for you


Page 4 – Your faces


Page 5 – Peekaboo


Page 6 – The prettiest girl


Page 7 – Look! I can make this on my own


Page 8 – 1 month


Page 9 – 2 months


Page 10 – 3 months


Page 11 – 4 months


Page 12 – 5 months


Page 13 – 6 months


Page 14 – 7 months


Page 15 – 8 months


Page 16 – 9 months


Page 17 – The first Christmas


Page 18 – 10 months


Page 19 – 11 months


Page 20 – 1 year


Storage Sunday: How to store stencils

Hello and welcome to another delayed Storage Sunday, I really need to get myself together and prepare posts way earlier! I got back from my vacation and managed to work for two days before I got struck by intense back pain, I’ve been lying in bed for three days and yesterday I managed to go outside to go to the doctor’s office. Now I have some painkillers and can move around without panicking or crying, which is really a great relief. I’m sure it will be better in a few days, yay!

So, I hope you didn’t miss out on Jennie’s great organizing solution for her stencils? I think I have to make a similar solution for myself soon, the amount of stencils is slowly growing and I just can’t resist a pretty stencil when I see one.. hehe.
My way of storing them right now is similar to Jennies previous solution; I keep them in their folders in a pocket in a hanging thing on the inside of my right closet door. It’s working OK to find the stencil I look for (I keep my favorites in front) and I can easily browse to see what I have but that swatch book idea is pretty awesome!

Here’s what it looks like, a bit messy and blurry (thanks back pain) but it works fine. I do love that the paper folders that Memory Box uses with the text at the top, looks great and makes it easy for me to find them!


At one point I kept my stencils hanging on an S-hook (most of them have holes for this) which also worked pretty well. I think I have to finish organizing my closet and give this storage solution another thought, and of course, make my own stencil swatch book!

So that’s my current solution for how to store stencils, I’m sure there are plenty of other and better ways, please let me know if you have any awesome ideas! Stay safe and come back soon for more storage and organizing ideas!

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