Anna 55

Another aunt of mine celebrated her birthday this year, she turned 55! I made this card for her after spending some time on pinterest looking for inspiration!


Pregnant birthday girl

My brother’s girlfriend turned 25 this weekend and I made her a card. I also made a tag-cover thing for my gift, a few items from the body shop for her to use. She is pregnant and I thought she should use some time to care for herself once in a while before the baby comes.

For her birthday card I used white and pastels with some light grey. Her favourite colors are white and any pastel color. The layout was inspired by last week’s mojo monday challenge. Posted this a bit late so I didn’t participate, loved the sketch tho!



The tag/cover thingy (can’t find a good word for it) was inspired by this week’s colorQ challenge #263 and the previous sketch at Freshly made sketches (too late again to join the challenge). So clean and simple but it felt empty so I added a ribbon, tag and a colored stamp. She loved it!
My handwriting is usually quite bad and or ugly but this time I even amazed myself, I really loved the color combination too!


My mom was cleaning a crystal chandelier before the party, that’s why there are prisms in the background, hehe.

Birthday box

Me and Jennie made a birthday card for Malin. Her birthday is in April but they threw a birthday moving in together party this weekend. We made one box each and put them together so they fall out on each other. I got to make the smaller inside box. Here’s all the different pages/sides!


This weekend’s crafting

I recently purchased a new cutting tool, a guillotine cutter from Tonic Studios and I haven’t really used it yet until last Friday when I decided to cut my 12×12 papers into 6×6 instead. I never make any layouts, it’s just cards and other smaller projects and I very rarely use 12 inch papers for that, it kind of scares me to cut a tiny piece from one of them.
I started by sorting out all the simple patterned papers and those with smaller images that were meant to be cut out (I suppose?). This pile is like 1/3 of my collection, those I kept are more basic paper, great for card bases and backgrounds. I found no need to cut these too.


Here’s the pile after my cutting spree (I had a few copies of some of the papers which I kept in original size among a few weird patterned ones)

This almost doubled my existing collection of 6×6 and I realized I need a few projects badly.


I managed to make two cards this weekend and I got to use a few of my newly cut 12 inch papers and other stuff in my stash, a few new ones I got from a sell out. Awesome!

I made this card inspired by this week’s Mojo Monday challenge #291


This morning I made another card inspired by one of my cut papers, it’s a transparent/vellum like paper with some flowers and fruit and I got to think of my new magnolia stamps.

I got to use one of my new prima flowers and wooden embellishments. I also used another piece of one of the border stickers I purchased. I’m such a mindless shopper!

I made the card for the current Magnolia challenge which was to use a Magnolia stamp and vellum, perfect for my rediscovered paper!


Pastel flowers

A mid week finished card for once! Just to be able to participate in a few challenges. For this card I had 2 sisters challenge #134: pastels, the crafty bloggers network #9: spring or pastel and a gem of a challenge #70: floral frenzy (I marked those words, he he)  in mind. And a bonus was to use the never ending paper flowers and brads from my stash. One tiny step towards extinction, yay!

I do feel that something is missing in the background but I’ll just leave this as it is, there’s just too much to do both at work and at my spare time this week, that’s life!


The colors do look slightly darker than they are, me and my crappy photos again! I guess the lightning in my closet is worthless for photos.. Could have figured that one out earlier to be honest! One day I’ll make myself a lightbox or something similar, when I have the time.


Weekend again and time to get crafty!

I have been waiting and longing for this weekend just so I can sit in my closet and craft for hours again. And do some cleaning and cooking of course. Crafting yesterday went extremely slow, I was a bit low on inspiration and slow to start up but managed to make a few cards. The goal was to make happy Easter cards and that didn’t go very well. I did however make two birthday cards for upcoming birthdays in March.

This one is for my granny who turns 79 this year! Inspired by Mojo Monday #282 and Ladybug crafts current challenge.
The numbers are actually colored with chalk mist since I only had bigger white letters and numbers that would fit. I have a few other colors but I never ever have a card where they match with the colors.. but they are nice to look at!


I made this for my brother who is turning 23.. And now when it’s finished it feels more fit for a kid than a 20 something so I might add it to my growing pile of cards and make another one for him, more fit for his age.

Inspired by Seize the birthday #8 and 2 sisters challenge #133