Happy New 2011

This year Malin and I made a deal so I will probably focus more on cooking and making healthy food. Hopefully this won’t turn into a food blog, but I guess there will be more food than usual! And to continue in that direction I though I’d share my New Years Eve Menu!

I actually cooked the same menu last new year’s but I just had to get a second chance on the dessert. Unfortunately I still need a second (or third) chance, it turned out better than last year but still not gooey enough in the middle!

For next year I might change it a bit and make a chocolate cupcake instead, I have a recipe for cupcakes that are like brownies and I think it will be perfect. Or I’ll try to make real chocolate fondants. I promised Malin to treat her one!

New Years Eve Menu 2010

Avocado and Crème Fraiche on some lettuce with shrimps on top

Beef tenderloin with Balsamico sauce and roasted potatoes with basil and Parmesan cheese

A chocolate cake (not really a fondant but was supposed to be like one) with raspberry sorbet and pistachio sprinkles

Enough of the good stuff and bring the vegetables! It’s time to think twice before eating unnecessary sugar or drinking a soda. Hello calorie counting and work outs!
I’ll do my best to find delicious and healthy food to share with you, and of course, lots and lots of crafting!
Happy healthy 2011!

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