Christmas embroidiery

The Christmas crafting continues! I finally managed to complete my Christmas cross-stitching embroidery after six months of waiting for a proper frame and time/inspiration for sewing it all together. There’s no inspiration like a deadline!

The embroidery says “Christmas mail” in Swedish. I had to edit the text a bit since it was incorrectly written on the pattern.

My mother made a similar decoration and we have had it up every Christmas for as long as I can remember, so when I moved out I missed having one myself but never bothered to look for one. I can’t remember seeing one in any store, but on the other hand, I haven’t been looking for one either. But this year I have one hanging on the wall in the hallway filled with Christmas cards from friends and family! Malin made me a really beautiful card this year, I love it!

Another really quick Christmas decoration I managed to make this year was pimping my new Christmas lights (not sure what they are called in English). They came with green plastic needle-looking decorations. Fugly and boring so I decided to make something nice and simple of a red ribbon I actually got from my local supermarket. I am quite pleased with the result, nice and simple! I might change it for next year, maybe add some paint or rhinestones.