Summer fruits and berries

I love summer and the seasonal fruits available during these few months of warm sunshine. This year I decided to make my own jam, jelly and lemonade. Just for fun and the experience.
My mother used to make currant jelly when I was younger and I used to watch the process, eager to learn!
I went to my moms house, since I don’t have the tools needed and I love to work in a larger kitchen, with a lack of plans, too much sugar and lots of fruits and berries. The only plan I had was the currant jelly and maybe some strawberry lemonade.
I had no idea it was so time consuming to make my own jam, jelly and lemonade! I was completely exhausted when I got home with my small jars of goodies.
I ended up with seven small jars of jelly, one small jar of sea-buckthorn jam, one larger jar of a mixed jam (raspberry, lime, strawberry and blueberry), one small bottle of lemonade and one very small bottle of blue- and raspberry lemonade.

The jelly was very good and I was surprised by how nice the flavors matched in the mixed jam. I tried it with some waffles and cream, it sure was a really nice treat! I was worried that there would be too many flavors and that they all together would be a terrible fail, I’ve learned to follow recipes when I try new things and not go nuts and do as I wish. Surprisingly enough the lemonade was good too (and I didn’t follow a recipe completely)! The touch of lime was very nice these hot summer days we had this year.

2 thoughts on “Summer fruits and berries

  1. That sounds seeeeriously yummy! I found myself in the kitchen the other day, cleaning out glass jars, JUST in case I’d have time to make some jelly or chutney… :)

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