Shopping bag bonanza

Shopping bags are lovely! Easy to make and personalize and good for the environment if it helps you purchase fewer plastic bags!

I made the first bag back in 2004, a dark and cold winter and I needed some crafting therapy!
I found a lovely curtain fabric with black and gray flowers. It was love at first sight and I still use that bag every now and then. I had to replace the handles and made the second pair of a stronger fabric. Plain and thin cotton is not recommended!

Anyway, my mother also wanted a bag and a friend of mine too and even my granny got jealous of my pretty bag. She loves shopping bags (not plastic ones) and has lots of them. They are getting quite worn out now and she wanted something more fancy.
All bags are made of at least two layers of fabric, which should be enough to hold for heavy groceries as well.

The first picture is of my bag, the first one. Second picture is the one for my mother, third is my granny’s and the forth is the latest bag to the collection! All are made of curtain fabric and cotton on the inside. I couldn’t find any pictures of the one for my friend but it was white with gray and purple chickens, she loved it :)

I have plenty of fabric waiting to be used for bags. Whenever I find a suitable fabric I by a meter or two for future projects. I’m sure there will be more shopping bag posts here later on!