iPod case

About three years ago I got an iPod nano, it was back then when the 3rd generation still was hot (it got replaced a month later by the 4th gen.). Me and many others don’t like scratches and marks on our precious electronic devices so I decided to design and make me my own iPod case before I had used it too much. Scratches usually appear when the device is brand new…

I found a violet colored manchester fabric and some silk ribbons. I thought the orange worked best with the purple and the rosette gave it a cute touch!

It was very easy to make, I just measured the iPod’s width and height, cut out a piece with margins for the seams. I used my zigsag seam around the edges, folded the top edge and sew the ribbon (& rosette) before folding and sewing the piece together.
Since I didn’t use a button or strap to keep the cover on the iPod I had to make sure the iPod fit perfectly. The cover is slightly smaller than the iPod and it doesn’t fall off. I recommend using a fabric that won’t stretch out.

I havent made any more covers, but it was fun and easy. The only limit is your creativity!
One tip: Avoid making too large knots on the inside as the thread itself can scratch or mark the iPod. I place the shiny side towards the rosette to avoid worn of marks on the click wheel and display. I know the newer iPods have nicer backsides so keep the inside soft to avoid unwelcome marks!