Pimped cans

Panic! A party to attend and no pots for the fresh herbs I was going to give away with a nice pair of scissors. No time to go shopping, what to do?!

I looked around to see if I could find anything nice and useful to put the herbs in but I found nothing. I had an idea in the back of my head about using old cans as pots, not very fancy but functional. And if you want that kind of look in your kitchen? Knock yourself out! It’s trendy to re-use items nowadays too!

Soo, I put the plastic pots in the cans and they were a perfect match. I just couldn’t find a better pot with almost no time! I decided to use some of my scrapbooking papers I barely use.


The result wasn’t too bad to be honest! I was satisfied enough to be unbearable, and happy to have the gift ready.

As my handwriting is horrible I looked for a nice font and printed the text on thick paper, cut out the text and filled it out with a pen and decorated the labels.

Easily done in almost no time!

I might just pimp some more cans for myself with colors that match my kitchen, we’ll see.