Leon 6

My cousin Leon turned six in April and I made him a card for his birthday. I got inspired by some cards and crafts on Pinterest and made this. He was very happy! I think I should come up with another theme for next year, his cards all look the same year after year ;) I also put a note inside the card saying that he could remove the heads and wear on a keychain.


More HAMA beads

One of my previous colleagues asked me to make him the apple logo from hama beads (I showed him the ones I made a while ago) and in the middle of the crafting another friend of mine asked me to make him Megaman for his son. So I finished them both and here’s the result!

The apple was a bit tricky to make, not completely satisfied but I got tired and went to bed.. I’m always exhausted on Friday nights.


When I was a kid, six years or so, I loved making necklaces and stuff out of hamabeads. Some were glued onto pieces of wood and used as saucepan mats or wall decorations. Tacky, I know, but I guess my mum liked them even tho they were ugly :) I remember I had pegboards in shapes of butterflies, hearts, stars, animals, squares and circles. Some needed ironing or glue and some were done immediately. I still loved it. When I got older I tried to make nice earrings, bracelets and necklaces but I was never satisfied with the result.

Now I’m back with the pegboards and enjoy the pixel-like art I can make. Mostly well known figures such as Bub & Bob from NES or a KoopaTroopa on request by my brother. I also made the warlock class icon from World of Warcraft (the trickiest so far) and the Commodore logo for a friend.

Not sure what kind of function they have, but using them as table protection (for glasses and saucepans etc) should work fine. As these are better looking than the ones I made in my early days I might even use them as decorations ;)