Theme 97: Retro

I’ve had a super awesome idea in my head for a while now and this weekend I decided to make it real. I started with purchasing white sneakers (cheap ones in case I’d fail). These ones are from skopunkten.

The second step was to do some sketching for what to draw on the shoes. I also ordered pens for coloring on textile.

And for the fun part!

I started with some light sketching on the shoes using a pencil. Be careful not to make to hard lines.. it’s not easy to remove them afterwards.

And then, time to put some color to it! I was a bit too eager to color and didn’t let the areas dry before adding a second color right next to it, this causes the color to bleed so be careful!

I must admit that I am very satisfied with the result, I wish I had this idea a few years ago, I feel too old to wear shoes with cartoons on them.

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