Let the knitting begin!

I received a package yesterday containing four bolts of yarrrrn, one pair of needles and one pair of circle needles. I can’t remember what I’m supposed to use the needles for, but I guess I’ll figure it out one day when my memory is willing to work with me.

The yarn is called Raggi and is 70% wool, 30% nylon. I’m very sensitive to itching yarn so I usually go for cotton but this yarn is soft and nice. I think it’s perfect for a scarf, or two..

I haven’t knitted in about a year so I was very keen on getting started! The scarf is completely without any advanced patterns. It’s good old ribbed knitting all the way! I started with putting up 120 stitches and will continue going row by row until my yarn is finished. I will knit three knit stitches and three purl stitches, three knit, three purl and so on.

As a newbie knitter I don’t know the best way to mark the stitches when I put the knitting down for a break, but I guess I will figure it out somehow! Last time I knitted I didn’t use any markings and unfortunately there were some minor mistakes. But I was quite satisfied with the result anyway!

It was the first time I knitted on my own. Nothing too advanced, it wasn’t too hard changing colors which I was afraid of, he he. Just plain ribbed knitting and tassels (can’t stop thinking about Maria Montazami when I hear/use that word) at the ends.
It was a gift for my cousin and I think he liked it. I know his dad did because the colors are same as his favorite soccer team :P (I didn’t know that when I started but my cousin looks good in blue).

And here’s a bad picture of a scarf my beloved granny made me. She’s the one who taught me how to knit. My mom helped me getting started with the blue scarf since I had forgotten how to begin :P

It’s basically the same model as the one I made, but bigger! I had a pair of matching gloves (in the picture) but I lost one of them last winter… But soon I might be able to knit a new one!
One of the goals with my current project is to practice on making looser stitches. Last time I made my stitches very firm and it was a bit hard to work with. When I watched my granny knit, I noticed her stitches were very loose and looked easy to work with. According to my mother, my other granny used to knit with firm but even stitches. Mine are firm and uneven.. haha. Practice makes perfect so I guess I have a few hours of knitting to do!

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