Another set of 100 Themes

I just found another set of 100 Themes, right here at DeviantART. Some interesting themes there that might be easier to work with, I just might mix them all up or replace some of the themes in the first list. I have to think about it, some themes in the first list are quite hard to work with unless you can draw or maybe use photography. We will see! I might even end up going for 200 themes ;)

100 Themes Challenge

Veronica showed me this 100 themes challenge and told me she is going to draw the 100 themes. I’ve been thinking about this challenge and I think I’m going to give it a try. I won’t even try to draw them all, maybe a few, but I was thinking about making it a huge creative project instead using all my creativity and crafting skills. Might go for some photography, sketching, sewing, paper craft, jewelery making and whatever else I can come up with. I suppose it will take some time to complete it but that’s OK, it will be fun and challenging along the way!

I haven’t decided if I’m going to follow them by numbers or just pick a random theme I feel like working with, I guess it will be random but we will see. I have a few ideas for some of them already! I’m looking forward to this project, give me weekend and crafting club Saturday now!

Some inspiration from DeviantART, if you like art, check out The 100 Themes Challenge gallery.