Easter crafting with kids, or just one

This weekend I invited my almost 6 year old cousin to come crafting with me and he was so excited! When it was time to go home his mother asked him if he has had enough of crafting for a while now but he said no, he wanted to keep crafting!
I was very impressed by his creativity and focus. I think he made about ten figures and one card!

I have a special basket for all the crafting material I let him use or purchase especially for him, things that are suited for kids, mostly complete kits. I must say that Panduro is very good at this! I found a few Easter kits on sale at both Panduro and Slöjd-detaljer so I got away pretty cheap this year!


This was all that fit in the basket before we started crafting. I don’t usually keep the pens, pencils or brushes in the basket.
I also use a wax table cloth to protect my oiled oak table from any spilled paint or glue.


Leon in the middle of gluing punched stars on his card. In the front you can see most of the figures he made all by himself, I just helped holding them while drying.


For the next time I think I will buy more wadding eggs and other shapes, some googly eyes and wood buttons. These are the supplies he use the most and seem to have most fun with (except for my punches). I already have enough pipe cleaners, feathers and sequins to last a lifetime in case he want to decorate a bit extra.

Next time I feel like clearing out unused stuff from my stash (that would actually be the first time ever) I will simply add it to the magic kids crafting basket. I realized that he does not, whatsoever, see my things the same way I do. He said “you have sooooo much crafting stuff!” and yet he’s just seen a teeny tiny part of it all, *snickers*.