Theme 12: Rainbow

So I took some time and finished a project I’ve been preparing for for a few weeks. Finding somewhere to purchase crayola crayons is harder than you think so I ended up with another brand. Anyway, I stumbled upon this website and fell in love, I wanted to make one myself immediately! And here goes!

A few things needed: canvas, crayons, hot glue and a heating gun.

It’s a good start to figure out in which order you want the crayons/colors, I like rainbowish.

Start gluing the crayons on the canvas, be careful not to melt the crayons with the heat. I found it best to put the glue on the canvas and place the crayon on it instead.

And this is what it looks like all glued to the canvas. Time to use the heating gun!

I started melting the crayons on the tips but I think I should have started further up or maybe used another set of crayons to melt and keep these for looks. It does look good with the tips there but it’s a little late for regrets now. Adjust the angle of the canvas after how long lines you want. The wax cools down quite fast but it’s possible to heat it up again if the lines are too short.

I’m quite satisfied with how it came out anyway, might be better next time tho!

All done! Now I just have to figure out how to put it on the wall, but that’s another story.

Theme 62: Water

Tried to make some cards this weekend and it didn’t go too well. The work went slow and I’m not very satisfied with the results. Two cards left half finished and one very simple and maybe boring card for the LIM week 22 challenge. Oh well, at least it’s relaxing to craft.

The card feels sad so it became a “miss you”-card. The picture is from Norrland and I do miss being there. The challenge was to create a card using shades of blue. Here’s my entry:

I’ve almost forgotten about my 123 themes challenge. Luckily this one fits perfect for the Water theme!

Theme 97: Retro

I’ve had a super awesome idea in my head for a while now and this weekend I decided to make it real. I started with purchasing white sneakers (cheap ones in case I’d fail). These ones are from skopunkten.

The second step was to do some sketching for what to draw on the shoes. I also ordered pens for coloring on textile.

And for the fun part!

I started with some light sketching on the shoes using a pencil. Be careful not to make to hard lines.. it’s not easy to remove them afterwards.

And then, time to put some color to it! I was a bit too eager to color and didn’t let the areas dry before adding a second color right next to it, this causes the color to bleed so be careful!

I must admit that I am very satisfied with the result, I wish I had this idea a few years ago, I feel too old to wear shoes with cartoons on them.

Theme 68: Birth

A card for my new born cousin. There’s something about the card I don’t like but I’m not sure what yet. The stamp is colored with aquarelle pencils, a technique I fell in love with.
I’ve always loved my “color books” I had when I was a kid. I used crayons, pencils, felt-tipped pens and water color. Basically whatever I had lying around. I’ve never really used aquarelle pencils before, except for one time in school I barely remember. The only thing I think could beat aquarelle at this point is copic markers. Veronica showed me a few youtube videos and they look amazing. Amazing and quite expensive. I think I’ll stick to aquarelle for a while.

Anyway, here’s the card for my new cousin. I don’t know his name yet, but I’ll keep calling him Theresius until it’s decided ;)

My thought was to make some sort of “Welcome to the world” card but then this idea/sketch got stuck in my head. The card says “Congratulations, it’s another boy”.

I think I’ll make a second baby card for the introduction/beginnings theme later on unless I get another, better idea!

Theme 114: Cartoon

The first theme in the challenge is finished and it’s been in my mind for a few years now. I ordered the frames last year and painted them with a black glossy color and after that they’ve just been lying around waiting for me to find a proper background. Today I decided to finally finish the pictures and use different background colors for each figure. No more thinking and pondering, just doing!

I bought the figures at Disney World in Florida over ten years ago and for a few years they were used as decoration on my school bag (Pooh actually belongs to my brother and he used it as a bag decoration too) so they are a bit worn but it’s quite charming!

So, to get started I went through my scrapbooking papers and tried to find the best color. I recently ordered a big pack of plain papers in 20 different colors, very useful!
I found the papers, cut them to fit the frames and mounted them.

I cut out the back sides on the figures since they were bulging out and making it harder to mount them on the papers.

I used my glue gun and mounted the figures on the paper, had to add hangers to the frames as well but after that they were done!

And finally hanging on the wall!

My own Theme Challenge

So.. I’ve spent the last few days thinking about the 100 Themes Challenge and I’ve decided to give it my personal touch. Some of the themes bothered me rather than inspired and when I found the second set of themes I decided to take the best out of them both and make my own list. And then I came up with some themes I really wanted to go for that weren’t on any list so I added them and changed it to 123 themes instead. Why not make it a huge challenge? ehe..

I’m glad I have most of my life left to complete this, I don’t dare to set any time limit but if I manage to complete it this year I will have to figure out some sort of reward I think!

Anyhow, the themes I’m going to use are (I hope I removed all duplicates):

They are also available on a separate page: 123 Themes.

  1. Beginning / Introduction
  2. Love
  3. Light
  4. Dark
  5. Heaven
  6. Innocence
  7. Memories
  8. Insanity
  9. Smile
  10. Silence
  11. Red
  12. Rainbow
  13. Gray
  14. Vacation
  15. Mother
  16. Cat
  17. No Time
  18. Trouble Lurking
  19. Tears
  20. Sunset
  21. Sorrow
  22. Happiness
  23. Under the Rain
  24. Flowers
  25. Night
  26. Stars
  27. Precious Treasure
  28. Eyes
  29. Moon
  30. Dreams
  31. Two Roads
  32. Illusion
  33. Family
  34. Creation
  35. Childhood
  36. Stripes
  37. Sport
  38. Danger Ahead
  39. Fairy Tale
  40. Magic
  41. Do Not Disturb
  42. Playing the Melody
  43. 67%
  44. I Can’t
  45. Work
  46. Mirror
  47. Broken Pieces
  48. Drink
  49. Words
  50. Pen and Paper
  51. Reading/books
  52. Pearls
  53. Out Cold
  54. Spiral
  55. Sea
  56. Food
  57. Pain
  58. Humor
  59. Triangle
  60. Puzzle
  61. Drive
  62. Water
  63. Fire
  64. Earth
  65. Air
  66. Tropical
  67. Arctic
  68. Birth
  69. Spring
  70. Summer
  71. Autumn
  72. Winter
  73. School
  74. Forest
  75. Farm
  76. Angels
  77. Scary
  78. Envy
  79. Flight
  80. Bird
  81. Beast
  82. Fish
  83. Classics
  84. Friendship
  85. Music
  86. Dresses
  87. Passion
  88. Success
  89. Plastic
  90. Clouds
  91. Sky
  92. Stars
  93. Space
  94. Animals
  95. Adventure
  96. Home
  97. Magic
  98. Technology
  99. Mountains
  100. Rain
  101. Wisdom
  102. Balance
  103. Ancient
  104. Waiting
  105. Obsession
  106. Advertisement
  107. In the Storm
  108. Glamour
  109. Princess
  110. Sweet
  111. Sweden
  112. Berlin
  113. Ooh, shiny!
  114. Cartoon
  115. Rock
  116. Teamwork
  117. Ego
  118. Manga
  119. Easter
  120. Coffee
  121. Seven
  122. Storage
  123. Ending