A little something

Long time no posting, I know.. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been creative tho! I’m just a bit lazy and… yeah that’s it. I have been trying to organize stuff and learning new techniques. Since the scrapbooking/card making thing is quite new to me I have a lot to learn. I purchased a bunch of cute stamps and now I’m mostly practicing working with aquarelle.
I also have a few birthdays coming up so there will be lots of reasons for practicing card making too. Yay!

Anyway, I made a simple thing for Malin and her new apartment. I have one myself in blue and my mother has one in yellow. I got the idea from her actually, not sure where she got it from tho.
Since Malin keep her bathroom in black and white I decided to make one what would match!

Last but not least. My brother had his birthday a few days ago and I baked a bunch of cookies for his birthday dinner. Dangerously delicious as usual and very appreciated!
I also made a few for my aunt when I was visiting my new born cousin, she liked them too!


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  1. <3 Gulledej! Den är jättesöt, hänger på min toalett nu! Kom hem och kolla!

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