DIY Embellishments – dimensional die cuts

Good Sunday evening! Today I thought I’d write a shortie and give you a DIY post of an idea I got from Jennie (of course) about how to give your die cut sentiments some more dimension.
Instead of cutting your foam squares into tiny little pieces which get stuck everywhere and require at lease one tweezer to even get a grip of, simply cut out the same die a few more times and glue them all together.

Depending on how thick your selected paper is and what result you are looking for, I use about 3-6 cut outs. You can really just glue on one at the time and stop whenever you want.

Try to add just about enough glue on each piece, don’t use a glue that dries super quick, it’s quite tricky to get the pieces to stack up properly sometimes. If you happen to get some excess glue outside I just scrape it off with my tweezer or a tooth pick (my new favorite tool).

Try to squeeze the pieces together before you add the next one, I found it easier to stack them all neat and tidy if the layers got to dry up a bit under some pressure, you do want to make it look solid.

Finish off by adding your top layer and if needed, add some pressure and leave to dry for a while.
As you can see the color of your stacks do matter and can be used as a nice detail or contrast.

I just love doing this on all sentiment dies I use, it’s such an easy way to add dimension, plus the cut out gets really sturdy and less fragile. And it gives a very nice touch to it!

I guess spray glue would be ideal for this, at least if you have very delicate dies. Of course this can be used for any die cuts and not just sentiments. If you add enough pressure and layers they actually feel similar to wood veneer. It’s a great way to use those scraps that are big enough to cut from.

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I’m sure this is nothing new but I thought I’d share it as I use it frequently myself and maybe you find some inspiration or ideas for using this technique too!


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